Rules and Regulations

  1. Students should arrive at the school a few minutes before the bell rings for the assembly. Punctuality and regularity are instilled in the students from the very beginning.
  2. The students should be in complete and neat uniform. Students whose appearance in dress is untidy may be refused admission to the class room.
  3. The school diary is to be brought to school daily. Parent/Guardians should co-operate with the teachers by following the progress of their daily work in the diary.
  4. Special attention should be paid to the teachers remarks in dairy.
  5. Parents are allowed to meet the teachers only on the PTM day of every month or in case of urgency after obtaining permission from the principal.
  6. All home work should be done neatly and the day’s work should always be dated. Students are expected to speak in English in the school premises.
  7. Politeness, courtesy in speech and good behavior are expected from every student.
  8. Students should be taken back home immediately after the school hours. The school is not responsible for the students before or after the school hours.